The Aperiodical – “A chap called Jonathan Kinlay has invented a Rubik’s cube variant which only has one colour, but six different integer sequences on its sides. As a colourblind integer sequence enthusiast, this basically has to be my ideal Christmas present, right?”

Coolest Gadgets – “There are puzzles that toy with our minds in a fun way, and then there are those meant only to try and cause harm to your brain.

Gadgetify – “Not all geeks love math but if you are getting them a gift, a math puzzle is a fairly safe bet.”

Gaming Gadgets – “As the long name of this cube suggests, it comes not simply with a matter of sorting six different colors, but the mathematical number sequences must be arranged in the correct order. “

Geek Alerts – “Math geeks, this one is for you. Besides, I don’t have the brains to figure this cube out. “

Gizmodo – “Unless you’ve memorized these numerical formations, solving this puzzle will be all but impossible for anyone other than practicing mathematicians. But it’s great news for anyone with a math professor on their holiday shopping list, and a $20 limit.”

Infinispace – “If you think the original cube was frustrating, prepare for your brain to explode.“

Jebiga Design Magazine – “What’s the catch, you ask? You will have to sort out how the numbers correlate and what order should they appear in on all six faces to form a solution.”

MSN News – “Unlike a traditional Rubik’s Cube, in which same-color squares are identical and squares can be oriented in any direction, the numerals on Number Cube must be aligned properly, adding another level of difficulty to the puzzle. In other words, your ‘5’ can’t be upside down, even if you have the numbers in the right sequence.”

Plus Magazine – “Rather than having colours on the little square faces it has number on it. So your task is not only to put the large faces together in the right way, but also to figure out what this right way is. “

Chicago Grid – “Kinlay, founder of hedge fund Systematic Strategies and CEO of Innovation Factory, says he’s been planning the cube for years. The trickiest part? To solve it, the player needs to know historically significant mathematical sequences.”

Puzzle Pile – “Heavily influenced by the Rubik’s Cube, Kinlay’s creation takes the classic puzzle and gives it a mathematical twist. “

Witty Sparks – “Adding to the complexity, several of the numbers appear on more than one face. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? “

Aesthetic Crit – “So, what happens if you get thoroughly frustrated? Well, the folks at the Innovation Factory thought about that too. They will be building an online solver so that you will not have to break apart the cube to “reset” it.“

Built In Chicago – “Everyone at Built in Chicago is invited to nominate themselves or others for the Innovation Factory Number Cube. “

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Five Stars

Jan 21, 2015 by M. Grossman

My son loves math and Rubik's cubes. He loves it!

Full of challenges

Dec 13, 2013 by JW

Perfect for the engineer in the family. He and the mathematician are the only ones who will "get it". But one the though about it and "got it". It was wonderful and full of challenges.

Number Cube , USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 My son loves math and Rubik's cubes. He loves it!